Werewolf - For the Love of Life

The Endless Sand Creek

Story 1, Session 4

Making their final preparations to go from Georgetown to the site of the Sand Creek Massacre, Harrison, Sean, Aaron, and Black Song mounted up and headed from town.

Prepared for the nearly three-week-long venture, they made their camp descending the mountains that night in a small clearing, making a fire.

Aaron took first watch as the other three men bedded down under the stars.

Only an hour or two in to the watch, he heard a rustling far in the distance, seeming to come from all around. Managing to catch a glimpse of a darting shape between the trees, he realized it was one of Nihancan’s spider children, weaving a web in a wide circle around their camp in an attempt to trap them. Alerting the others, they immediately dispatched the spider, with Harrison sleeping through most of the action.

((The rest is coming.))



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