Aaron Campbel

"Hair of the dog that bit ya will bless ya?" Hehe, try me.


Name: Aaron Campbell Auspice: Theurge
Breed: Lupus Tribe: Fianna

Strength XX Charisma XXX Perception XXX
Dexterity XXX Manipulation XX Intelligence XXX
Stamina XX Appearance XXX Wits XXXX

Abilities Wits + Alertness to Join

Alertness XX Animal Ken XX
Athletics X Crafts Enigmas XXX
Brawl XX Drive Investigation
Dodge XX Etiquette X Law
Empathy XX Firearms Linguistics X
Expression Leadership Medicine
Primal Urge XX Melee Occult XXX
Persuasion Séance XXX Politics
Streetwise Stealth Rituals XXX
Subterfuge XX Survival Science

Ancestor* XX diff 6
Fetish XXRites XXX

Health Pen.
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5
Incapacitated X
Rage P XX Glory P
Willpower P XXXX Honor P
Gnosis P XXXXX Wisdom P XXX

Homid Glabro Crinos Hispo Lupus
STR 2 4 6 5 3
DEX 3 3 4 5 5
STA 2 4 5 5 4
APP 3 2 0 3 3
MAN 2 1 -1 -1 -1
Diff. 6 Diff. 7 Diff. 6 Diff. 7+1 Bite Diff. 6-2 per
Human DELIRIUM Animal

Red Text: heal bashing when transforming

Weapon Dice Pool Diff. Damage
Bone Claws 1 +23 6 +1+2+3Agg Works in all but Lupus
Hispo form +2 +3

Maneuver Dice Pool Difficulty Damage
Bite 2+3 5 STR+1/A
Body Tackle 2+3 7 Special/B
Claw 2+3 6 STR+1/A
Grapple 2+3 6 STR/B
Kick 2+3 7 STR+1/B
Punch 2+3 6 STR/B

Fetishes Description
Name Great Grandpa Ben Campell’s bone claws. Lore singer Past life focus, Brawl, Stealth, Survival. Known for hell raising and honor
Level: 2

Rites Description
Name Diff 10. 1 Gnosis = 2 less difficulty. Botch instantly releases. 1st reduce it to Power 0. Then binds, not usable until Power recharges.
Level: 3

Gifts Description
Name Heightened Speeches: Lasts for 1 scene, Homid and Glabro, per – 2. Perception+Primal Urge, diff 6 to see. Crinos, Lupus, and Hispo, Per -3, +1 primal Urge

Gnosis: 1
Name Spirit Speech: Constantly able to understand spirits.

Name Speech Persuasion: Charisma + Subterfuge, diff 6. If successful, all Social are reduced by 1.

Ancestor Ally
Difficulty to channel Ben Campbell for Past lives 2 less.
Mix Morph
Change shape diff 6 to change one aspect.
Perfect Recall
Perfect Memory
Wyrm Tainted
Register as Wyrm tainted by gifts.


The Campbells made a hell of a dent into the history of the Isles, Great Grandpa Ben rather literally and Grandma Hanna spiritually.

Raised with other lupus and grandparents for 10 yrs, wolf mother dead, werewolf father wanderlust. Not like other Fianna, took to the spirits early. Grandma Hanna (Skycaller) initiated him, spent 10 years in Ireland during this period. Around 20, Skycaller let a rite to close a source of taint near a caern, but the ritual went bad for unknown reasons, ripping the Umbra and consuming her. For his part in assisting the catastrophe, Aaron was demoted and shamed out of the community, losing trust of the others and the spirits themselves.
Crossed the ocean to start over, but the New World is just as hostile. Catches onto the spiritualist craze sweeping the nation, and quickly gains a reputation of a quack medium. “In all matters mystical and the speculatively fiscal…” Still, he has legitimate shamanistic power, as well as sharp wits good with a gamble, but were it up to him, he’d rather find out the truth of the Cry of the SkyCaller incident.

Habits: lies first, trusts later. sleeps alone, and in lupus mode. only performs real magic when dire need judged, for werewolf or human. can’t help leaping into the fray, but always has a plan or two.

Aaron Campbel

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