Black Song

The son of the Arapaho village chief in the Rockies


A young, lanky boy of around fifteen or sixteen. He wears a loincloth and vest, and has long black hair usually thrown back in a messy braid. Seems to have a mischievious streak as a Wendigo Ragabash.


Black Song is the son of the Arapaho chief, and had not yet undergone his rites of manhood in his tribe when he first met the pack. His father thought it would be a fitting test of his son’s wisdom to see after these strange white men coming to his village to deal with the continuation of the silver mine nearby. He uses a spear with an iron tip, decorated in the feathers of his finest kills.

After the mine, he was informally declared a man and ordered to marry the girl he had hurt during his First Change.

Black Song

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