Jesse Simmons

Barkeep of the Drunken Coyote


Jesse is a man of middle age, nearing old. He has an impressive, bristly mustache that seems to burst from his nostrils in scratchy bunches, with eyebrows of the same ilk. He loves to chatter about strange goings-on, without actually believing in any of it, in the same way that kids love ghost stories.

He will tell anyone who asks how he came upon the ownership of the Drunken Coyote; a card game with a rancid cheat who had the look of a gun-slinging stereotype of the West, many years ago. Afterwards, he seduced the varmint’s daughter and had to make an honest woman of her.

Jesse has the usual stuff, whiskey mixed with variations of sugars, tobaccos, teas and fruits, but his best drink is Hot Cactus Wine, which he will not tell the ingredients of even if you offer exorbitant amounts of money.

Jesse Simmons

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