Jethro and Jorge Cranston

A set of scruffy Garou twins


Standing at five foot eleven, these mountain men are ill-shaved and in their late twenties. Quick with a bark, they became expert trackers, trappers, and fur-traders to earn their own keep. Both are Ragabash.


Born of a Bone Gnawer kinfolk whore and a Silver Fang alpha Garou who didn’t quite know the blood in the whorehouse he was sampling, these twins of course were brought up Bone Gnawer.

Proudly proclaiming that their expertise in the wilds came from all the times their momma tossed them out the door on their ears, they made the change at about sixteen years old, and won’t tell who went first. As far as anyone is concerned, they always work in tandem, pulling off harebrained schemes and cleverly disguised traps with a finesse not expected of these wild, formally uneducated ruffians.

Jorge tries to claim Silver Fang membership, and Jethro tries to disown it, one of their main dissenting points. Physically, they are nearly indiscernible, though their mother can tell in a heartbeat. One of Gaia’s small mercies.

They found the Starheeder’s Sept through accident; they were tracking a wyrm beast that was stupid enough to try and use the bawn of the sept as a distraction for the twins. They still wasted no time in catching up with the creature and dispensing of it in a creative fashion. Observed by the guards of the Starheeders, who had come in answer to the guardian spirits’ calls, saw them, and over the months started a distant, amicable relationship. They run errands for the Starheeders, and in return they grant them shelter and information. Its a working relationship, and one that’s done both sides well in the past.

Jethro and Jorge Cranston

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