Orin Clemens

A young, upper-class New Englander


Orin Clemens is a fairly sheltered young man. He lived in upper class New England society, learning its ways but usually only remembering himself around his family. His father invested wisely in the silver trade picking up in the Rockies, managing to avoid the pitfalls that normally accompany these ventures. As a result, he didn’t see his father much as he was tending to his dealings out West.

When news reached him, however, his his father Yancy’s mysterious, violent death, he found himself the new owner of the Clemens Silver Mine in Colorado.

A family friend, Content Not Found: harrison-card, was approached by Orin at Yancy’s funeral, asking him as his father’s confidante to come with him out to the West to see his new holdings, something Harrison eagerly complied to.

Orin Clemens

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