Serendipity's Girls

The painted ladies of the Drunken Coyote Saloon


Serendipity keeps her girls in top condition. Practicing their dancing in a private room out back, regular doctor’s visits, and full meals were promised each of them when they agreed to work for her, and she’s not gone back on any of it yet. As a plus, Serendipity also demands an up-to-date doctor’s note from each man that takes one of her girls to bed. Normally only working on Friday and Saturday nights, sometimes a lady can be coaxed into a tryst for the right price on their ‘off-nights.’ At five dollars a night, they are expensive girls for a town you can only get to by carriage, but they are the cleanest and prettiest ones you’re going to find, possibly even outstripping some of the higher-end parlors found in Denver due to the madam’s demand for healthy MEN as well as women.

Each of Serendipity’s employees is named for the color they wear most often, and has a dagger tucked into their clothing somewhere. Never presume these women aren’t defended in some way or another, as the men who enjoy their company will also rise to the defense if ever they’re threatened.

Ruby, a gal of late teens, and the orphaned daughter of a dead miner. Straight long black hair, possibly of mixed Indian descent. She seems fairly happy with her lot, though, as its far better than she had expected.

Saffron is around Ruby’s age, wearing orange and keeps her mousy brown hair curled constantly when seen in public. She became a dancer and prostitute simply because she likes to have fun with the fellas.

Daisy is the youngest of Serendipity’s girls, only sixteen. While a prostitute, her dark brown hair and wide brown eyes give her a sweet, naive look that some men really fall for. Has a soft side, and hopes to marry someday.

Jade is the oldest of them at twenty-four. Having moved over from Denver after getting into a scuffle with a man at the brothel she worked at there, she’ll tell anyone that Serendipity is the best boss she’s had yet. She has dark red hair and green eyes.

Bluebell is a pretty blonde woman with dark blue eyes and a snappy attitude, and has a discerning taste for what beaus come her way. A man has to impress Bluebell first somehow, be it by looks or by wealth or skill somehow before she’ll take them to bed without a fight.

Hyacinth likes most men, come one, come all. Her only caveat is to not be overweight; she’ll joke about a bad experience in the past with one. She proudly wears garters given to her by admirers, and even wears her dagger openly sometimes. She has brown hair and blue eyes, and is second only to Serendipity on being funloving and persnickity with her men.

Serendipity's Girls

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