Character Creation Guide


Homid – You were born a human, to the kinfolk of the Garou. One of your parents could be a Garou, and the other a regular person, or your parents could both have blood ties to Garou lines. You grew up in human society, and are therefore more street-savvy than your lupus counterparts. Both of your parents can NOT be Garou.

Metis – You are a walking violation of The Litany, a product of the union between two Garou and born in the Crinos war form. You have a horrible deformity and have no pull in wolf society. It is more than likely in these times that you were killed outright, along with your parents. If you choose to play a Metis, please have a good reason to be alive.

Lupus – You were born a wolf, in the wilds of the world, to the lupine kinfolk of the Garou. You have a tighter natural link to Gaia, but have very little practical knowledge of the human world around you.


All Auspices are allowed, without exception.

Ragabash – Born under the new moon, they are Gaia’s tricksters.

Theurge – Born under the crescent moon, they are Gaia’s shaman and spiritual healers.

Philodox – Born under the half moon, these are Gaia’s judges, keepers of law and The Litany.

Galliard – Born under a Gibbous moon, they are Gaia’s performers, singers, storytellers.

Ahroun – Born under the full moon, they are Gaia’s protectors.



Black Furies: Almost entirely consisting of women, they defend the Wyld and their fellow females.

Bone Gnawers: A survivor tribe, they inhabit the seedier parts of the world, seeing much but getting little respect.

Children of Gaia: A peaceful tribe who seeks to protect humans, they seek to eventually unify the tribes.

Fianna: A tribe that has immigrated to America from Ireland and other parts of Britain, they hold immense confidence in their own abilities to fix the Storm Umbra now enveloping the West, and have strong cultural ties to the Fae.

Get of Fenris: Immigrants from the Nordic lands, they are a fierce tribe of honorable warriors wanting to eradicate the taint of the Wyrm.

Iron Riders: A former name of the Glass Walkers, they have lost the trust of many Garou for their embracing of human society and ‘progress.’

Shadow Lords: A serious tribe, they seek to gain dominion over the other tribes as the ‘rightful rulers’ of the Garou.

Silent Striders: Wanderers and vagabonds, they are the stealthy messenger tribe of the Garou, and often keep their own secrets.

Silver Fangs: The most prideful tribe, they breed only with noble humans and wolves. Inbred as a result, they want all Garou united under their leadership.

Star Gazers: A rare tribe, they search the world for the truth behind the Wyrm and how to oppose it.

Uktena: The ‘Older Brother’ of the Pure Ones (Native American tribes of Garou), they are very capable mystics.

Wendigo: The ‘Younger Brother’ of the Pure Ones, they are more fierce and outspoken against the ‘Wyrmcomer’ tribes of Garou coming from Europe and the East. They only despise the Wyrm, Weaver, and the Storm Eater more.


Red Talons: A lupus-only tribe of Garou who hate humans and homid wolves. They vow to stop the progress of society at any cost. You must have a good reason to journey with the party if you want to play this.

Bunyip: A rare breed of Garou that resembles a Tasmanian Devil more than a wolf, and has marsupial-like hopping abilities. Their lupus form is not called lupus, but Thylacinus. They are basically Australian Aborigines, and have no reason to be in the Savage West due to their general culture and the battles they are waging in the Outback. EXCEPTIONALLY good reasons must be found to allow a Bunyip into this campaign.


Black Spiral Dancers: They are a corrupted tribe, and servants of the Wyrm now. They would not travel with a peaceful pack and not try to kill them each and every night.

Croatan: They do not exist anymore. They sacrificed themselves to the one, Kinfolk and all, to imprison the Storm Eater a little over 200 years ago. There were no survivors.

White Howlers: They do not exist anymore. They went to the lair of the Wyrm itself nearly 1000 years ago, and were corrupted into Black Spiral Dancers.

Character Creation Guide

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