Georgetown is a mining boom town in southern Colorado. Home to various hindrances and helps along the way for the players, its up to them to decide it’s future.

Notable locations include:

The Drunken Coyote saloon

The Our Lady of Endless Redemption Catholic church (Which doubles as the schoolhouse for the few children in town)

Wallace’s, the General Store (Dry feed, mining and farming supplies)

The Blacksmith’s, run by a wizened older man who can fix just about anything, given enough time (and money).

The “Green End” of Town. The few ladies and gents who reside out in the settled West. They try to gentrify the town, usually failing in the process.

The train station, where a few tailor shops and hovel homes line the tracks. The main street of town extends perpendicular from the train tracks end of town, resulting in Georgetown’s “T” shape.

The railroad is actually still in the process of being built; the only access to the town remains by classic horseback travel. Work has stopped on the railroad recently, though.


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